About Us

Helmut Bode

Managing Director & Chief Editor

Helmut has more than ten years of experience in the B2B communications and advertising industry, most recently as chief editor. His areas of specialisation are energy and plant technology, electrical engineering and building technology, industrial automation and conveyor technology, embedded systems, construction engineering, infrastructure and risk management.

Joachim Bode

Senior Technical Advisor

Joachim holds a degree in electrical engineering (Dipl.-Ing., TU) with a focus on measurement, control and regulation. He has over 40 years of experience as a project planner and product manager in leading industrial companies. In addition to GPS systems, cross-connects and inertial navigation systems (IRS, AHRS), he developed motor controls and simulations for distance control for rail vehicles.

Johannes Jochum

Editor & Business Development Manager

Johannes spent many years in the field of economic geology research. He also has 16 years of experience as editor, editor-in-chief and advertising manager for industry-specific B2B publications, which he advanced and developed in terms of both content and marketing strategy. His focus is on process automation, factory automation, sensors, measurement and testing technologies, machine and robot vision, mechanical and plant engineering, drive systems and fluid power technologies, as well as instrumental analytics (process and lab).

Katharina Jung

Editor & Project Manager

Katharina has more than ten years of experience in project management and (online) editing. Before joining us, she worked in the real-estate industry. Beyond real estate, her areas of expertise are education, management, occupational health and safety, and IT. She heads our online department and, as a trained systemic consultant (SG), is among other things the contact person for applicants and HR topics.

Christian Tack

Editor & Project Manager

Christian is a trained biologist with long-standing experience in science journalism and trade press work for industry service providers. His focus is on renewable energies, plastics and materials technology, and life sciences.

Weini Haile

Project Manager & Contact Officer

Weini is responsible for international public relations and related text projects. She studied Marketing in Eritrea. Currently, Weini Haile studies “Management in International Business” at the University of Applied Management Studies in Mannheim.

Nikolas Noll

Editor & Project Manager

Nikolas is a political scientist focusing on media and law. He brings in experience from a publishing house specialising in pharmaceutics as well as from the logistic industry. He now focuses, among others, on Industry 4.0 and e-mobility. He also assists the agency’s online team.

Denise Kluge

Media Planner, Assistant to the Management & the Editorial Team

Denise has many years of experience as an Assistant to the Management and in financial accounting. She also assists trade press activities and is responsible for the office management.

Valentin Dieckmann

Copywriter, IT & Project Manager

Valentin studied Technical Journalism/PR and has many years of experience as a system administrator, web developer and programmer. His main topics are Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and IT Security. He also manages the IT systems and implements online projects.